Forest Floor Blog Tour: Portfolio Zipper Book Clutch


Forest Floor Fabrics Portfolio Zipper Clutch! By Spotted Pepper Designs

Forest Floor Fabrics Portfolio Zipper Clutch! By Spotted Pepper Designs It’s Monday. Mondays are rough stuff because weekends are so wonderful. However, this Monday the world is a little brighter because I am crushing on Bonnie Christines Forest Floor Fabrics. Every Monday needs a little eye candy to take away the sting of the grind, amiright? This Art Gallery collection has me with *heart eyes* all day long, and I am so excited to be part of this blog tour and also show you my brain child.

I am sure I saw this on my usual lurking grounds about a year ago, and I never was able to get my mind off of it since. I spent forever and three quarters trying to figure out the appropriate way to deconstruct a book, and reconstruct it in fabric with a zipper. It was one of those projects that I really enjoyed thinking about and was just waiting for the right opportunity to make it happen.

Forest Floor Fabrics Portfolio Zipper Clutch! By Spotted Pepper Designs

Then HELLO OPPORTUNITY! Bonnie invited me to join the blog tour and I 100% knew what I was going to do.

My Fabric Book clutch dream project.

Forest Floor Fabrics Portfolio Zipper Clutch! By Spotted Pepper Designs

I love a great antique book. It’s one of those guilty thrift shop pleasures I always indulge in. Some the books arn’t the most interesting topics, but they are SO beautiful I just gobble them all up. (I guess that’s the curse of being visually oriented. I love pretty things!) I adore that I can combine my love for vintage books,  fabrics, and art all into one cute on-the-go portfolio.

Forest Floor Fabrics by Bonnie Christine Forest Floor Fabrics by Bonnie Christine

It took hours lusting over Bonnie’s fabrics, trying to decide which book/fabric combo would match best. When my tribe was sick of my compulsive mind changing chatter, I put on my big girl panties and just picked what really spoke to my heart. I’m a sucker for a floral, so I chose Wild Posy Luminous with Firefly Beam as an accent.  I still consider this one of the harder decisions of my crafting career. (Note to self: Buy #allthefabrics.)

Forest Floor Fabrics Portfolio Zipper Clutch! By Spotted Pepper Designs I absolutely adore my fabric book clutch. I love the little details from the sparkly green zipper pull to the brass corner protectors. The best thing about it is that it totally fits in with my “art mom on the go” life style. I can toss in a small sketch book, some pencils or illustration pens and *zip zip zip* I am good to go on any family adventure. I no longer have to worry about losing my favorite illustration pens to the black hole diaper bag and then drying out.

Others  have created the most yummy things out of these fabrics. Friday Sarah B. created a marvelous apron that makes me want to bake bake bake, and I for one cannot wait to see what Anna from My Wandering Path is going to do. That girl is so talented you’ll want to come back tomorrow to check it out!


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    Rachel!! This fabric book clutch is AMAZING! SO clever. I love it. (And I spent forever trying to decide which fabrics I wanted to use for my projects too!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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      You’re killing me Anna! Cant wait to seeeeee. I’m bouncing with anticipation.

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    This is such a joy too read! I love your style of writing!

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      Thank you so much! That means a lot, because I am definitely more artist than writer!

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    Your project is so beautiful! I love the whole look!

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    Absolutely amazing! Great write up too!

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    Hi!! Love reading your post Rachel! Such a lovely and clever sewing project! Great use of fabrics, it is wonderful!! 😉 love your work!!

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