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Forest ABC’s Free Printable


We start preschool today, and I am so. ready. I love my little zoom Bug, but we’re both happier when she has a little play time with other kids! We’ve been really focusing on learning the alphabet lately, but she is just too darn creative. It has been both a blessing and a curse. In terms of learning The ABC’s, it most certainly has been the latter. Her alphabet goes something along the lines of “A, B, C, D, E, X, Y, ZEEEEEE! B! Ellemeno PEEEEEE!” Whenever I try to tell her that she has to sing them in a certain order, I get met with a lot of opposition...

Your soul.

Soul Happy Printable by Spotted Pepper Designs

So many days I get to the end and feel so exhausted. Wasn’t it Bilbo Baggins that said something about not enough butter and too much bread? I feel like the butter. There just isn’t enough to go around, and what is there just can’t handle a whole piece of bread! I get talked out, touched out, worn out, exhausted by politics, tantrums, facebook fights, mommy shaming, physical pain…should I let the list go on? We both know it can. Adulting is hard. At the very end of every the day I just want to crawl in bed and brainlessly watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and giggle to myself forever...

“You are Enough” a rally cry!

Forest Flowers (Pink)

I really struggle with feeling like an impostor sometimes. I’m self taught in almost everything I do, which can sometimes lead to me being paranoid that I am doing it wrong and that I will never be good enough to have value to my peers. Talking to my friends I realize that “Impostor Syndrome” ┬áis actually a common fear regardless of education or skill level. This was a pivotal moment for me. Realizing that people who I deem successful are still trying to figure all this out and that feeling this way doesn’t mean I actually am horrible. Once I realized it was just a mental hiccup, I was able...