Crystals Snow-tography

White Forest

I had a blast photographing this native Floridian for her first snow filled winter. Since I have only survived a handful of “real” winters (aka lots o’ snow) we both learned some valuable lessons about snow-tography shoots. She learned she needed warmer socks, and I probably should have listened to that wise photographer that talked about fingerless gloves.  We both should have worn heavier jackets. By the end we shook our feet around and didn’t feel any toes rocking around in there so it must have been a good day. The hot cocoa to follow up didn’t hurt the deal either! 😉  ...

Elise the Earth Goddess


I have had this project I have been thinking about for a few months now. Something were I can really push what I already know and build on it. I really wanted to do an “Earth Goddess” shoot were it was really natural with a lot of light….very dreamy. I called up my favorite accomplice in crime, and she was totally game for it. There was nothing I have my hand in on this shoot. I thrifted the dress and gold shawl. The dress, I feared would be too short, so I added 4″ lace at the bottom. Once I knew the outfit, I was able to make a flower...

My Dreams Coming True


Y’all, I am a girl with big dreams. Today, I was able to take a step towards those dreams. I want my photography edits to be great. I want my blog to be great. (Note to self: still learn CSS.) I want to be a surface designer and do fabrics. I want to just let my creativity to flow into the world. Today, because my parents are AWESOME, I was able to inherit their old computer. Let me get this straight though. It’s not really that old, they just needed a new computer. Score for Rachel! It came preloaded with the creative suites, so hello adobe illustrator and photoshop! It’s...