Be Yourself!

Be YOU tiful bee hive printable by Spotted Pepper Designs

Design work has been a long, hard journey for me. Trying to find out where I fit in the world has been difficult. I spent so much time, energy, and heart trying to figure out how others where doing it, and thinking it was the only way. Because of this, I missed out on the key point. To be myself! When I do ‘me’, is when I create my best work. I don’t question. I don’t struggle. I thrive. It’s so important to be yourself. I’ve gained so much self love and confidence as I have figured out who Designer Rachel is. Designer Rachel loves ugly colors, that don’t match,...

Classic+Rustic= Clarustic. It’s a thing.


You know what I have always been crazy about? Fonts. You know what I have never been crazy about? Tendonitis. My tendonitis has been THE. BIGGEST. PAIN. anytime I want to do anything pretty. I spent a semester in college learning calligraphy and lettering. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good. And you know what happened just before finals? Tendon-freaking-itis. I pretty much had to not use my hand unless it was to work on my final project, and it was in short spurts of a word or two and lots and lots of pain killers. It killed any dreams I had of being...