Today I did something amazing!

Today is the Day by Spotted Pepper Designs

Today, I wore a bathing suit. In this pale new mom bod that I am still learning how to love. I love my body, I really do. It has done some amazing things. It’s held up to some strong endurance sports. It’s carried all my babies. It’s fed those babies. It’s felt love and happiness. It eats tacos. I really like tacos.  It’s also done some really bad things. It fell off a wall once. Like 7 years ago. And I still walk with a limp. It has bailed out on supporting a few pregnancies. Apparently, my blood likes to form clots, so I can’t sit for longer than 2-4...

Be Still My Soul (a coloring book)

Be still My Soul: A printable adult coloring book for the LDS faith.

This last year has been full of some really rough stuff. We’ve lost babies, gone through fertility treatments, had our daughter diagnosed with JRA, surgeries, moved to a new state,  took out a ton of student loans, pregnancy complications, health problems with our dog,  financial stress and more… It’s been hard! I’ve cried more than my fair share, and been lifted up by the loving arms of friends and family on many occasions.   As I searched desperately for a way to relieve my stress, I found Jude, my friend Leisha’s unborn baby boy.  Jude had a multitude of health problems and was born premature. After a good fight, he...

Elise the Earth Goddess


I have had this project I have been thinking about for a few months now. Something were I can really push what I already know and build on it. I really wanted to do an “Earth Goddess” shoot were it was really natural with a lot of light….very dreamy. I called up my favorite accomplice in crime, and she was totally game for it. There was nothing I have my hand in on this shoot. I thrifted the dress and gold shawl. The dress, I feared would be too short, so I added 4″ lace at the bottom. Once I knew the outfit, I was able to make a flower...