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Can you do it for me?

  This is so. True. I’ve noticed this in my own work. I’ve noticed this in others work, and doubt does totally destroy creativity. So often I hear people say “I can’t do it. I’m not artistic…”  (or in the case of my toddler, “You do it, mom!”). All I want to do is shake them and say, “Everyone is creative! Stop doubting yourself!” Seriously y’all, don’t doubt what you can do. You are so amazing and unique. “The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.” Amanda Coomaraswamy Take confidence in what you do. If it doesn’t look like everyone else’s, congratulations!...

Do you really like Razzmatazz?

Insagood JULY -13

  Recently I have had a lot of fun and unique opportunities. As I try to decide which ones I want to take, I do what every business woman does. I talk to my mom! Now, I don’t mean to brag, but my mom pretty much rocks. She’s been in the fabric biz for most of my life and knows a thing or two about running a successful business. Are you ready to hear what she told me? Do you have you pen and paper ready for notes? Sometimes you don’t know what you want. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re good at. Life has a lot more ? than...

Why 2014 Sucked and Why Thats Okay

2015-03-09 13.37.05

At the end of August 2013, we decided to move from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Salt Lake City, Utah. By the beginning of September, we were on the other side of the country.  Good bye white sandy beaches of paradise! Hello snow cap mountains in the dry desert! It was crazy fast, and quite honestly, a little traumatizing. We had complete faith it was for the right reasons, although I think it took this last year of trials and growing to manifest itself.  Below is a complied list of things that really sucked for our family this last year, and why I think it’s okay that it happened. 1. Massive...