Hello! I’m Rachel! I’m a self declared professional creative who loves surface design and key lime pie!



This is me ^^^ I’ve always had a hot mess of curls on my head, and at 28 I am still learning how to love them. On good days, it looks like this. On bad days, it’s a whole head of afro that I’m not sure where in my scandinavian heritage it came from, but at least I am passing that mystery onto the next generation!

Literally the only photographic evidence of my fro, thanks to Apples Photobooth and it’s rad filters circa 2007. You can call it an iFro.

I am passionate about creativity, self love, and key lime pie. Not the key lime pie you buy in the frozen section of your favorite grocery store. Fresh made pie with limes actually from the Keys. Preferably I eat it as I am sitting on the white sandy shores on the Gulf of Mexico enjoying the dolphins dancing in the turquoise water. (BRB as I daydream from the middle of Idaho…)

I started Spotted Pepper Designs during a particularly hard time in my life as I struggled with infertility and repeated miscarriages. I self taught and studied every day so that I could uplift myself and others. Since then, graphic and fabric design has provided me the creative outlet I needed to feel more than my inadequacies. I hope that I can share this ray of sunshine with you!

 In January 2016, we welcomed our rainbow baby Bear to the world. He has a loving (and super sassy spit fire) big sister, Bug, who is excited to hold and kiss him every day. I swear that having kids has honed my skills and talents to the impeccable levels they are today, because I find a new hidden skill after every pregnancy. 

I love to create happy, uplifting, and sometimes incredibly puny designs because that’s what I need in my life, and I am pretty sure others need it too! And seriously, if you ever need some one-on-one upliftment (Yeah, I made that word up but it so. fits.), head over to my contact page and shoot me a message. I will let you know just how much of enough you are and we’ll probably become best friends too.You are Enough

As you’re hanging around my site, make sure you check out my fabric designs which is always being updated with cool new trends!



xoxo, Rachel BlogSig-01