Do you really like Razzmatazz?

"Life is about using the whole box of crayons" inspirational quote


Recently I have had a lot of fun and unique opportunities. As I try to decide which ones I want to take, I do what every business woman does. I talk to my mom! Now, I don’t mean to brag, but my mom pretty much rocks. She’s been in the fabric biz for most of my life and knows a thing or two about running a successful business.

Are you ready to hear what she told me? Do you have you pen and paper ready for notes?

Sometimes you don’t know what you want. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re good at. Life has a lot more ? than ! So try a little bit of everything. It’s okay if you’re wrong because you learn what doesn’t work, which is sometimes much more valuable than figuring out what does work. If you don’t have a little sampler of everything life has to offer, you will never find the right path for you. We’re all here on this big blue marble to experience new things, try new flavors, and use every crayon in the box. We’re here to gain experience and to grow.

I spent a lot of my life working with oil paints in Studio Arts. I loved it, but letsjustbehonest I  sucked wasn’t anything phenomenal. In a color and composition class in college, we had an assignment to work in pen and ink.  I discovered that I absolutely adore pen and ink. I love it with the passion of a thousand suns. I love the lines. I love creating texture and shape. I love how much detail a .005 micron pen can give me. I am unashamed with my collection of #allthepens. I would have never discovered this talent if I didn’t try a little bit of everything.

So try using the whole box of crayons. Maybe you will discover you really like Razzmatazz! (Which is a weird name. but whatever). Maybe you’ll discover that you can chuck that Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown straight to the trash; but you’ll never know until you try!


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I'm a WAHM, surface designer, fabric sewer, art maker and professional creative. I am passionate about self love and key lime pie.

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