“You are Enough” a rally cry!

I really struggle with feeling like an impostor sometimes. I’m self taught in almost everything I do, which can sometimes lead to me being paranoid that I am doing it wrong and that I will never be good enough to have value to my peers. Talking to my friends I realize that “Impostor Syndrome”  is actually a common fear regardless of education or skill level. This was a pivotal moment for me. Realizing that people who I deem successful are still trying to figure all this out and that feeling this way doesn’t mean I actually am horrible. Once I realized it was just a mental hiccup, I was able to grow leaps and bounds. Turns out, I was the one holding me back!

You are Enough Printable by Spotted Pepper Designs

So, I am here to let you know, that you ARE enough. You are wonderful at whatever your passion is to do. Do you know why? Because you’re passionate about it! Whatever your contributions are, whatever you do, it’s unique, wonderful, and needed. This world needs you. I need you. I promise I am not some crazy person on the internet telling you that. (Well, okay, I AM some crazy person on the internet, but I still totally mean it!) If you’re feeling like you lack somewhere, shoot me a message at spottedpepperdesigns@gmail.com and I will tell you how much of enough you are. Say it in the morning. Say it when you go to sleep at night. Say it when you feel it. Say it when you don’t feel it. “I am enough.”


xxoo, Rachel

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I'm a WAHM, surface designer, fabric sewer, art maker and professional creative. I am passionate about self love and key lime pie.

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