Today I did something amazing!

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Today, I wore a bathing suit. In this pale new mom bod that I am still learning how to love.
I love my body, I really do. It has done some amazing things. It’s held up to some strong endurance sports. It’s carried all my babies. It’s fed those babies. It’s felt love and happiness. It eats tacos. I really like tacos.
 It’s also done some really bad things. It fell off a wall once. Like 7 years ago. And I still walk with a limp. It has bailed out on supporting a few pregnancies. Apparently, my blood likes to form clots, so I can’t sit for longer than 2-4 hours either. Then there was that time I threw up for days. I’ll never be able to eat Spaghetti Oh’s again. (And now you wont either! HA!)
But today, I wore a bathing suit, and not just in the tub, or the privacy of my backyard. I wore it in public.  PUBLIC! And you know what I thought about as I wore it? “I bet I can beat my kid in a water slide race!” And when she won, you  know what she said to me at the bottom of the slide as she laughed hysterically? “I LOVE YOU MOM!” Gosh. I am so glad I wore that bathing suit today. In public. In my pale new mom bod.
Today is the day that I stopped letting my insecurities rule me. Today is the day I loved myself. Today is the day I lost in a water slide race with my almost 4 year old. Today is the day.

xoxo, Rachel

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I'm a WAHM, surface designer, fabric sewer, art maker and professional creative. I am passionate about self love and key lime pie.

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