Be Still My Soul (a coloring book)

This last year has been full of some really rough stuff. We’ve lost babies, gone through fertility treatments, had our daughter diagnosed with JRA, surgeries, moved to a new state,  took out a ton of student loans, pregnancy complications, health problems with our dog,  financial stress and more… It’s been hard! I’ve cried more than my fair share, and been lifted up by the loving arms of friends and family on many occasions.


Be Still My Soul: A free adult coloring book for the LDS faith!

As I searched desperately for a way to relieve my stress, I found Jude, my friend Leisha’s unborn baby boy.  Jude had a multitude of health problems and was born premature. After a good fight, he passed from this life hours later in the loving arms of his parents. For one so small, he touched a lot of lives, including mine. Jude helped me realize that it was not all about me, and that others struggle just as desperately as I do. I know that seems really obvious, but I was so inwardly focused on my own pain I had forgotten about others.

During times of trials, it is very typical to turn to your faith, and I was clinging to mine. I not only needed relief but wanted to help my friends as well. I have never wanted to be the person to sit idly by waiting for my friends to “call if they need anything” and decided that the best way to help is to take action. In my patriarchal blessing I have been told to “express the wonderful truths of this life in all things [I] create and do”and also to “use [my] talents in being assistance to others”. I have always felt intimidated by this counsel, but finally realized how I could do it!

Coloring is a very therapeutic way to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression! With the encouragement from friends, I started “The Stressed LDS Adult Coloring Book” which has since been changed to the more simple title of “Be Still My Soul”.

I honestly never expected myself to finish, but I feel so accomplished that I have! Hundreds of hours have gone into hand drawing, scanning, editing, and organizing these images full of LDS themes and symbols.  However, knowing that financial situations can be tight for some causing stress, (this being exactly what I want to help people relieve) I have chosen not to put my coloring book up for sale, but for free with option to donate. I ask that if you have the financial means, please feel free to donate whatever you can afford. Donations will help keep future coloring books at free to low cost. Know that I love you all, and I hope that this coloring book will help someone as much as it has helped me!


Be still My Soul: A printable adult coloring book for the LDS faith.

Be Still My Soul



Printing and Coloring Info & Suggestions:



-22 pages (20 coloring images) in a PDF file

-Includes additional references for study and inspiration in relation to the image you are coloring!

-Hand drawn and lettered images
-Pages are composed to be 8×10. You can easily print them out on regular 8×10, color them, trim them down and display your artwork proudly!
-Print on thicker paper like card stock for a better quality of coloring.
-Be mindful that ink jet printers and watercolor do not work well together. If you plan on using watercolor, please consider a laser printer!
-Use colored pencils, crayons, sharpies, felt tips, watercolor (see above tip), ect!
-Suggested donation amount is $5
-For Personal use only
-Do not distribute full copies to groups, but feel free to share the link to friends to get their own!
-Do not claim designs as your own, please!
-SHOW IT OFF TO ME! Email:,, or instagram @spottedpepperdesigns! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see what you do!
-If the file type does not work for you, you have questions, or you find an error, please let me know ASAP. I would love to help you out!

XOXO, Rachel

More about Rachel

I'm a WAHM, surface designer, fabric sewer, art maker and professional creative. I am passionate about self love and key lime pie.


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    This is wonderful, Rachel! 🙂 What a caring way to express your love for others! I will definitely share this information with everyone!

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    The whole book has a very thoughtful, meditative feeling to it. I especially like page 11.

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    THANK YOU. Awful year here as well, and I have always found solace in the scriptures…and in colouring! Your designs are beautiful! I have downloaded and donated. Please keep sharing your talents; it's blessing my life, as the very least.

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    Way to make me mist up! Thank you for the sweet compliment and your donation!

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    I like this a lot. What a fun card it will make for "missing you" Thank you for sharing your talent.

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    Thank you for sharing these. They are lovely.

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    This is AWESOME! I just wish it were published in a book (my printer isn't so hot). Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us! Also- i tried to click on the "donate" link- but it didn't work. Anyway- thanks so much!!

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    Thank you for such wonderful coloring pages. I will definitely have a great time coloring these.

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    Thank you so much for making this. Absolutely will donate and print soon!

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    This is amazing and so generous of you! I have a bible verse coloring book that I love but I've been wishing for a more LDS centered one, and here it is! Thank you for sharing your talents!

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    This is amazing and so generous of you! I have a bible verse coloring book that I love but I've been wishing for a more LDS centered one, and here it is! Thank you for sharing your talents!

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    Can I ask a question?? I printed out a page and was very excited about the option to be able to trim down to 8×10 and frame later (your designs are so beautiful they deserved to be framed!) but once printed the images are coming out larger than 8×10, if I were to trim them. Am I doing it wrong? Please help!! A dear friend of mine is going through an incredibly hard trial and there is so little I can do for her, so I was excited about the idea of giving her this book. I hope to be able to resolve this and figure it out before I print another page! Thanks so much! P.S. Going over to donate right now!

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    Hey Courtney, have you checked your printer settings? The files were created to be 8×10, so it would be difficult for them to pop out larger unless your printer has a weird setting on it. Try 'coz to page'. They should be able to print out comfortably on an 8.5×1 paper.Hope this helps! If you have any more questions email me at or send me a Facebook message on my Spotted Pepper Designs page!

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    Whoops. Try 'fit to page!' Love auto correct!

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    Exactly my reason for making it! There is a total shortage of LDS centered coloring books for adults.

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    Wonderful! Feel free to show me when you'[re done! @Spottedpepperdesigns

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    Wonderful! Feel free to show me when you'[re done! @Spottedpepperdesigns

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    Exactly my reason for making it! There is a total shortage of LDS centered coloring books for adults.

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    This id awesome stuff and ideas, images. Thanks for the information.

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    Hello, I was looking for images to use on my Sacrament Program and found your site. Would you be willing to give me permission to use your artwork for this purpose? I would (of course) include a link to this page.

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    Hey Tina! Totally okay with me! Don't even worry about sourcing the my page as I will changing the URL soon, just sure to put that it's by Spotted Pepper Designs!

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    Also email me @ if you need , any help reformatting!

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